Saturday, January 10, 2009

I seriously can't help myself, I must kill the Kock for his sexual innuendos!!!!!

Well, here we are, my third post for the first year of my first blog EVER! And I think it's going well, don't you?

And, I have more bitching to do.

David bloody Kock. You just can't help yourself can you.

I know I keep going on about this dickhead but considering that the after 9 morning shows aren't back yet, it's the 6-9 shows I've only got to bitch about.

Sexual innuendos!

Yep, always out of David's mouth. Regardless of who's on, the innuendos are there. Last Thursday, the 15th, Kylie decided to wear, what I thought was God awful, a slim dress with a deep vneck. It revealed things I didn't care to see, but at least they weren't completely hanging out. What am I talking about?

Kylie's breasts.

Yep, that's right. And of course there had to be comments from all the boys, thank God Andrew O'Keefe wasn't there otherwise the shit would not have stopped. About 8:30am, David mentioned how people had been emailing in about Kylie's dress.

She said something along the lines of, ''I don't think so," and then David decided to throw to the news headlines with the INCREDIBLY stupid line of, ''keeping abreast of the news.''


Are you SUCH a dickwank that you DON'T think we'll know what the hell you're talking about. The utter crap out of your mouth David is beyond belief. You need to keep it shut or someone someday is going to shut it for you.

Morning tv has children watching, DAVID. You don't throw around dumb arse comments like that when you know damn well that they are innapropriate for morning viewing. Not to mention, the fact that being a woman, I completely HATE YOU!!!! You are ONE OF the biggest wankers on tv. And you need to go.

And that's not the only thing he made a comment about.

Half an hour earlier, when talking about a poll Sunrise was conducting about do you like Vegemite, there was 89 % for yes, 11 % for no. And David's reply to those that voted no - ''those people shouldn't have phones.''

Who the God damn hell do you think you are? I have sat in my lounge room for many a year watching the morning shows, and for a long time preferred Sunrise over Today. Mainly because I couldn't stand Jessica Rowe cause she laughed like a man. But this last year or two, my preference has gone back to Today, as I have a bit of a crush on Karl, and don't like Lisa, but at least they don't try so hard. Yes there are sexual innuendos on Today as well, and Cameron can be a knob, but at least the guys aren't trying to be 30 years younger than what they are. David, you are a try-hard. You only got that job because way back when Chris Reason was hosting with Mel, he got sick with cancer and couldn't do it anymore. Before that, you were just the ''finance guy''. Maybe you should go back to being the ''finance guy'' because it seems not too many people like you!

And I'll lead the pack!!!

And then of course the sexual crap had to continue Friday, but I'm not going to bore you. Someone has to stand up to all these dickheads on tv and tell them to stop their crap because we don't want to hear it, and we don't think you're funny Andrew O'Keefe!!!!!!!! God help us, he's back this weekend.

Moving on, I saw The View this week, and I know we may be behind a week or so, but I have got to bitch about Barbra Walters. How old is she?????? I think she's in her 70's, more like hitting 80, but she thinks she's at least 30. Seriously Barbra, you're not. I sat there, watching channel 9, just gaping at the tv going, ''what the hell is wrong with her????'' She acted like a fruitcake!!!! Carrying on like a moron, an idiot, an imbecile, and any other word you can think of. She interrupted the guest, talked all over him, didn't let him reply properly, and generally embarrassed herself, once she had embarrassed everyone else that is. She acted like an absolute idiot, and yet complains about the way Rosie ODonnell acted when she was on. Now she IS an idiot, and I can't stand Rosie, but Barbra is ''supposed'' to be a mature, well educated, world traveller of a woman. All she acted like was a bloody moron of an idiot. Shame on you Barbra. Shame on you!!!!!

Look peoples, there's so much more to go on with, but that's for another day as my gorgeous husband is calling. So I'll leave you with a cutie pie pic of my secret lover, CSI New York's, Carmine Giovinazzo, and suggest you go listen to Aus's singing sexpots, Human Nature.

Love Jewels.

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