Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I love Larry Emdur!!!!!!

Oh me oh my, what a wonderful day, what a wonderful week. Yes it is.

Why? you ask.

Because .... Larry is on Sunrise!!!!!

Yes folks, that's right, Larry Emdur is co-hosting Sunrise with Mel. How deliciously wonderful. I love Larry. I wish he was hosting Sunrise every morning. And the Morning Show! Every day, of every week, of every year. Mel and Larry should host Sunrise, then the Morning Show together. I hate the Kock, I hate Kylie Gillies. They are two of the most sarcastic, critical, insulting people on morning tv, and I hate them!!!!!!!

Larry is so much nicer. He's polite, sweet, great to talk to and listen to. And Mel rarely gets insultive or sarcastic, unless it's from a dumb - arse comment of David's.

But I just wish they would stop having stupidly blond guests on. This morning on Sunrise, they had the editor of Shop till you Drop on talking about the Golden Globes, and the fashions that the chic's were wearing. Who the fuck told her she knew what the hell she was talking about. She couldn't put two words together and had absolutely nothing to say about anyone. She laughed and giggled her way through the measly two minutes the guests get, and pretty much told us nothing, except that she's the typical dumb blond she shows us she is.

Then there was The View on channel nine. Again, Barbra, what the hell are you on????? You act like a moron for your age of what, 145. You are old Barbra, but please, please, act your fucking age!!!!!

And then the others get on my nerves too. They had some woman on who had written a book they didn't like, and when she came out for the interview, they basically castrated her. And she had balls, let me tell you. Don't know her name, but she stood her ground and got in as many backhanders as she could. One of them would ask her a question and before she answered, someone else jumped in with a question, then somone else, and before you knew it, it was a yelling match with the hosts, instead of a civilised interview with an author. It was absolute bedlam, and basically nothing but bullshit. All the View got, was me turning off for Oprah, which was a repeat, channel ten you suck! but at least Dr. Oz was on again, and Oprah didn't interuppt as much.

Ughhhhhh!!!!!!!, morning tv, daytime tv, night time tv, it all sucks over summer.

And there are days, like today, that I feel like sticking my hand through the tv screen and beating the absolute shit out of everyone on stage.

I know, it wouldn't help the tv, cause it would be broken.

No, it would help them because they actually wouldn't get the shit beaten out of them.

And no, it wouldn't help me any cause I'd have a busted hand. And that would pretty much make me useless. Which sucks.

And we'd need a new tv.

Well, it looks like this post is going to be a short one today, maybe I need to keep them short, maybe I need to make them longer. Who knows, who cares. Ooops, better go, my gorgeously gorgeous husband just pulled into the driveway and he's got some .... oh .... my!

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