Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hamish and Andy are back on radio!!!!!

But having Tom bloody Cruise as your first guest is a bloody horrible idea. I don't like Tom Cruise. Never have, never will. He's an absolute moron at the best of times, and the worst of times, and for God's sake, he jumps on couches!

Even Oprah wasn't happy with that, and it was her couch!

Seriously boys, couldn't you have had someone else on?

Like Human Nature!

I know they were on last year, and you had them doing Dizzy Rascal's, Dance Wiv Me, which was freakin fantastic, or even have Megan Gale on, she's freakin fantastic too. But Tom Bloody Cruise?????

Ugh, God give me strength.

I love you boys, and I will readily admit I have a crush on you Hamish, but then so did my gorgeous husband Michael when he was out here 2 years ago. The two of you appeared on Rove together, I've posted a pic below, and since I have a massive crush on him, I guess that makes it crush by association.

Even though you're off to a VERY bad start, welcome back!

Love yas,
Jewels xxoo

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