Friday, January 30, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres - ca, ca, ca!!!

What the hell does that even mean anyway. Ca, ca, ca???

I quite like Ellen. She's not overbearing like Oprah, who thinks because it's her show that she can interrupt the guest to talk about herself. I'm sick of hearing Oprah talk about herself.


Ellen doesn't do that through the show. She'll mention things in her intro, but barely have I heard her talk about herself during the the show. That's refreshing. I'm so sick of hosts who just wan't to listen to the sound of their own voice, over the guest's. There may as well be no guests in that case. The host may as well sit there for the duration and talk about themselves. Don't bother booking people to appear, just sit and bore us to death with shit about yourselves.

No thanks. I'll take Ellen over Oprah and the idiots on The View anyday. Ellen actually is funny!!!

Suck on that Oprah!!!

And I'll suck on my Mikey!!!!!!!

Love Jewels.

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