Friday, October 19, 2018

What I did on my last Writing Holiday for 2018

This is the last holiday for 2018, and yes, I did get a lot of writing done, as well as typing up. Here's what I did...

SATURDAY 29TH – finished off short stories

SUNDAY 30TH – finished off short stories

MONDAY 1ST – wrote a chapter of one of my kids’ larger stories

TUESDAY 2ND – wrote another chapter…

WEDNESDAY 3RD – wrote another two chapters and finished it off.

THURSDAY 4TH – shopping, library, did the rest of my taxes, watched Suicide Squad on tv.

FRIDAY 5TH – washing and paperwork during the day, Henry Cavill at night, oh, wait, make that watched Batman V Superman on tv.

SATURDAY 6TH – started typing up Bones of Wrath: Monsters, got 30 pages done.

SUNDAY 7TH – typed up the rest of Bones of Wrath: Monsters, 20 pages, and dealt with daylight savings

MONDAY 8TH – woke late due to daylight savings, ugh, ended up doing a bunch of paperwork

TUESDAY 9TH – started another kids’ story, first chap

WEDNESDAY 10TH – wrote two chapters

THURSDAY 11TH – shopping, library and chiro

FRIDAY 12TH – washing, dishes, JDS blog posts, last chapter of TKW story

SATURDAY 13TH – started typing up my kids’ stories

SUNDAY 14TH – as above

MONDAY 15TH – as above

TUESDAY 16TH – as above, and my sister came down

WEDNESDAY 17TH – wrote the final chapters

THURSDAY 18TH – shopping, library, got this blog post scheduled

FRIDAY 19TH – washing, pottered around

What did you guys get up to these last weeks?

Friday, September 28, 2018

I'm off on my last writing holiday for 2018!

Not sure what I'll get done.

I would like to finish of the next Porn Star Brothers book for next year, or even start writing the one after, but need to get some short stories done under my tween and young adult name. Although I do have the new cover reveals for my stand alone novels, that will be exciting when I get back!

See you in three weeks!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Stefan: The New Generation ON SALE NOW. So are the Porn Star Brothers paperbacks! Finally!!!

That's right, Stefan: The New Generation is out now in e-book. For $14.99US, it's 750 pages long and 320,000 words, so slog through it today to see what happens to the kids of the original Stefans!

Blurb below...

The next instalment of L.J. Diva’s Porn Star Brothers Series continues in Stefan: The New Generation…

Thirty years has passed since Carlos, Pedro and Tomas Stefan made a name for themselves in the world of porn in the late ’70s. They have not only forged new careers for themselves but kept the secrets of the past hidden from their children. 

Or so they thought…

Diana, daughter of movie producer Carlos and supermodel Vivian, has followed in her mother’s footsteps, becoming a world-famous model, but she wants more, and wishes a certain photographer didn’t infuriate her so.

Alena, daughter of music producers Pedro and Angelina, has followed in her parents’ footsteps and is a successful world-famous singer, but she’s got her eye on a hot NYPD cop with a past she has no clue about.

Cabot and Antonio, a.k.a. Steele and Phoenix Stefan, twin sons of Carlos and Vivian, follow in both parents’ footsteps. Both are successful models and manwhores, but Cabot gets himself into trouble that only Uncles Tomas and Roger would understand.

Dominic and Danté, sons of Pedro and Angelina, are world-famous DJs just like their father. They are ten years apart in age, and their relationship is anything but close, until a dramatic event threatens the family forever.

Alexis, the youngest daughter of Pedro and Angelina, is just like her sister, in looks and career. Their relationship is almost non-existent, until an incident finally brings them together and Alexis finds love with a man her sister once had.

The lives they’ve made, the businesses they’ve created, the bonds they’ve forged; the memories, loved ones, and traumas the family wish they could forget…like dead lovers. What happened to them thirty years ago is now rearing its very ugly head to threaten the family, bringing to life those thought long dead, and those never known about. And until the past is finally put to rest, none of them can move on…

*This book is incredibly long and contains the free short story of Simon*
**These books contain swearing, sex, and a plotline.**
***In order of reading - Carlos, Pedro, Tomas, Retribution (or the Porn Star Brothers box set or collector’s edition paperback novel), Forever, Love Never Dies, Stefan: The New Generation***


All previous Porn Star Brothers books are out now in paperback.

Carlos, Pedro, Tomas and Retribution are 5x8 novellas and retail for $13.99US and $12.99US.

Porn Star Brothers, is the deluxe edition of the four novellas, below, and is $24.99US.

PSB, Forever  $23.99US, and Love Never Dies, $21.99US are all in the 6x9 format.

You should be able to order them from any store as they are available, if not, go to Amazon, they'll be there.

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