Friday, February 16, 2018

If I’ve unfollowed you in the last few months, it’s me, not you…really.

At the beginning of the year, when I was clearing out the blogs I followed, the people I followed on social media, and overhauling how I thought and what I wanted, I decided to unfollow a bunch of people across the board.

Having followers on social media doesn't bother me much. I’m not in it for the follows, the likes, the retweets, I post because I have this blog and a business to get out.

I have no need to be friends with people I don’t know, people I don’t follow on blogs or social media, people I don’t know in real life. So, if I comment regularly on your blog, don't worry, I’m still following you. If you haven’t blogged in over a year, I’ve unfollowed you. If you don’t comment on my pages or social media, then I’ve probably unfollowed you unless I comment regularly on yours. And I find it funny, that just because someone unfollows you, that it means you have to unfollow them. You follow someone because you like them, it shouldn't matter of they follow you or not.

Now, I totally get I need followers to get this blog and my books out to, and I’m sure I will slowly get to that this year once everything settles down and I can get some sort of rhythm back. I do plan on setting up some sort of newsletter or email list, and offering something for free. Not sure what yet. I do plan on doing other things, like only following pages, people, or things I like.

Although I stopped unfollowing a lot of celebrities years ago, and I have figured out that bloggers are not my tribe, if they ever were. I have followed jewellery designers under my jewellery name, and writing businesses under this one. I think I need more helpful pages, people and companies to follow that are going to be of use and helpful when I need it. So my social media is undergoing changes. I’m undergoing changes, and with the idiotic changes in the Facebook and Instagram feeds, they’re shitting me off and making me not want to use them. I want to see what’s going on now with the most recent from all I follow, not see four days ago before I see five minutes ago. We hate you, Mark Zuckerburg.

So if I have unfollowed you in the last few months, it’s not you, really. I just believe it’s time for me to move on to other experiences and other tribes. For me, it’s about learning and education now, not about how many friends, followers and likes I can get. If it ever was.

Friday, February 9, 2018

What I did on my holidays, and what L.J. Diva has planned for 2018

Once again I had hoped to have a restful time off, with lots of faffing around doing nothing, but alas I was pulled every which way up until the 21st, so December was anything but restful and I really can't wait until this December so I can have another two months off.

Thankfully xmas day was cool and I got a few things done. I updated notes and cleared out paperwork. I was relaxed, wearing a new kaftan, and I didn’t rush. If I didn’t get it done, it didn’t get done. I’d do it the next day. New Year’s was the same.

Below is a description of what I did on my two months off. Lots of appointments for mum, last minute ones that shit me up the wall, and lots of work on my part. I’m still working to clear the backlog from last year, and only have a few things left, thank god, but it could take another few months.

What I did on my holiday...

DEC 3 - went shopping with mum, her first time shopping in over two years, bought lots of pre-Christmas goodies.

DEC 4 - got stuff done.

DEC 5 - skin cancer appointment for both of us.

DEC 6 - got stuff done.

DEC 7 - mum’s hospital appointment.

DEC 8 - got more stuff done.

DEC 9 - had to run up shops then down to the hospital to pick up a procedure prep pack for mum.

DEC 10, DEC 11, DEC 12, DEC 13 - typed up 120 pages of next year’s novel.

DEC 14 - shopping, library, shredded paperwork.

DEC 15 - housework, got stuff done.

DEC 16 - had to get mum to hospital for procedure, went shopping in meantime and bought lots of goodies. 

DEC 17, DEC 18, DEC 19, DEC 20 - typed another 120 pages of next year’s novel. Got 3 new sandals to try on, 2 needed to go back.

DEC 21 - shopping, library, chiro, bought furniture, got call to get mum back to hospital on Friday, no rest for the fucking wicked. Sent off the two pairs of shoes that didn’t fit, ordered another pair in the style that did.

DEC 22 - got mum back to the hospital, chemist for meds, home, washing and cleaning.

DEC 23 - casual day, did quick wardrobe audit (didn’t throw anything as I’d already skimmed the wardrobe in the great overhaul of 14/15, and had only thrown out a few tanks and things early in the year), made planner notepaper in Picmonkey then MS publisher, scoured eBay for goodies.

DEC 24 - printed planner notepaper, ran out for newspaper and Christmas cheesecake, came home, ran out for roast chicken lunch, had lunch, faffed around online and writing up this list. Watched carols on TV at night and ate munchies till after midnight.

DEC 25 – nice and cool so did a bunch of updating of notes and what-not for different things.

DEC 26 – same as yesterday.

DEC 27 – same as yesterday and shopped online for bargains.

DEC 28 – shopped online for bargains, updated books and stuff.

DEC 29 – same as yesterday.

DEC 30 – finished off stuff, stayed up till 3 a.m. shopping online.

DEC 31 – slept in, New Year’s eve, who cared! Faffed around, watched the fireworks on tv and stuff, normal Sunday shows, went to bed about 12:30 a.m.

JAN 1 – didn’t do much, tidied up and got stuff ready for tomorrow.

JAN 2 – tidied up my office so I could empty the bookcase, move bookcase, vacuum, make two bookcases similar to Ikea, and put them where the old one was, put everything back, killer pain.

JAN 3 – moved bed in my bedroom, removed everything in the corner of my bedroom, vacuumed, moved bookcase in, put everything back in, had leftovers, still have books on mum’s bed, put everything back, nice and neat, killer pain, can’t walk.

JAN 4 – shopping as usual, library, looked for xmas leftover bargains, and raided back to school goodies.

JAN 5 – pottered around online looking for planner stuff and getting other stuff done.

JAN 6 – Way too hot. 42 celcius, didn’t do much until nighttime when I got online and looked for planner stuff.

JAN 7, JAN 8, JAN 9, JAN 10 – got back to typing up the mega monster book.

JAN 11 - shopping, library etc.

JAN 12 - rained so didn’t do the washing, got a bunch of stuff done, like paperwork and more online shopping.

JAN 13 - did the washing, got some typing done.

JAN 14 - got 30 or so pages typed up.

JAN 15 - typed up 30 pages today, finished the novel itself, 722 word doc pages compared to 782 handwritten ones.

JAN 16 - typed up the 30 page short story that goes with that mega novel today, finally finished the whole bloody thing, yay.

JAN 17 - started getting blog posts and pictures ready.

JAN 18 - back to the chiro, shopping, library, 41 freakin’ degrees, home by lunch, did half the washing…

JAN 19 - appointment in 41 freakin’ degrees, some quick shopping, home by lunch, did the rest of the washing.

JAN 20 - got more photos done for blog posts, started getting them done.

JAN 21 - finish off blog posts for Jewel Divas Style.

JAN 22 - Finish off online for tomorrow.

JAN 23 - had the phone dude here today to set up the NBN.

JAN 24 - Finished off as much as possible.

JAN 25 - shopping, library, etc, etc, etc.

JAN 26 - Australia Day long weekend, washed, relaxed, got my health and fitness planner done.

JAN 27, JAN 28 - got the next novel, due in March, through edit #4

JAN 29 - read through other books to get corrections ready for Feb.

JAN 30 - finished off above.

JAN 31 - made sure everything was finished off for the month and ready to go for Feb.

FEB 1 - Shopping, library, etc.

FEB 2 - clothes washing, got a start on Feb’s to do list and this blog post was released. Welcome back.

What did you guys get up to over December/January?

Now, here is a list of everything I plan on doing in 2018...

Last year, I told you of my writing plan for the year and I’m going to be doing it again.

I’ve colour coded some of them. Green is for ‘done’, orange is for ‘in the process of’.

(1) Under Tiara King I have these planned…

- 1.1 - Release the six book series, Poems Of A Musical Flavour, in paperback.

- 1.2 - The paperbacks have been mostly done and need tweaking, which will be done sometime in Feb or March. I had a time limit for March for the 6 pbs, but it might be pushed back to May. 

- 1.3 - All will be released through Amazon and Ingram Sparks which I have joined as a publisher and they will be under my imprint.

- 1.4 - I will also release the omnibus e-book and make e-book #1 permafree in March.

- 1.5 - The omnibus pb will be released in September and I’m doing my own interior and having the cover done professionally. It will be 6x9 size and very thick.

- 2.1 - Update my two paperbacks, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential.

- 2.2 - I have decided to add style sheets to the pbs in 2018, which will also be given away for free as a download on my style website when people sign up to an email list once I get it done. I will re-release under my own imprint. Deadline is May, but I’m having trouble completing them due to MS Publisher claiming I have no disc space left when trying to add pages to the document. I do have space, and need to fix the problem so I can get it finished. If anyone knows how to fix the problem, let me know.

- 3.1 - I still haven’t got #teenblogger to Ellen DeGeneres yet.

- 3.2 - It’s in the planning and I want to make it as professional as possible and tweak it in the next month or so. It’s important that I make it look good, and important that I try and get it out there even though it’s been two years since I released it.

- 4 - I want to get my jewellery back into its own website so we’ll see. Selling has been on hold for the last two years due to money, time and energy. I'm still looking for wordpress templates that would suit the type of website look I want, but with everything else going on, this won’t happen for some time.

(2) Under T.K. Wrathbone I have these planned...

- 1.1 - Get three stories written up, typed up, edited and out along with an anthology. Thank God I have already done the e-covers.

- 1.2 - All four will be released in the second half of the year.

- 2.1 - Will get the paperback version of last year's stories done professionally, and it will be out before this year's new stories. 

 - 2.2 - I am also updating the first two Bones pbs and will release them under my imprint during the year.

(3) Under L.J. Diva I have these planned...

- 1.1 - Put the next book, Love Never Dies, through two more rounds of editing (one was done on the Australia Day long weekend on the 26/27th of Jan).

- 1.2 - Get the cover finished, and release it in March.

- 1.3 - Then comes the paperback interior and cover for release in September.

- 2.1 - I typed up the last couple of hundred pages of Stefan: The New Generation in January.

- 2.2 - I need to put it through 3-4 rounds of editing.

- 2.3 - Then send it off to my editor across three months because it’s so long it will cost a fortune.

- 2.4 - Then two more rounds of editing and get the cover done.

- 2.5 - Release it in September as an e-book.

- 2.6 - Then comes the paperback interior and cover.

- 3 - Release all four Porn Star Brothers novellas in paperback, along with the deluxe collector’s edition novel, and the novel Forever all in paperback. March is the deadline, but it could be April or May as I need proofs first.

- 4.1 - I want to type up next year’s novella which isn’t due for release until March 2019 so it gives me time to edit and add to it. 

- 4.2 - I also want to try and get the last book in the series written up. That isn’t due until Sep 2019, but I like to be ahead of myself due to outlay costs so I know ahead of time where I can fit it all in.

- 5 - I’d like to try and get some of the short stories for the series written up. I can do the e-book covers myself and I’ve bought the pictures for them, so I will save money doing that. It will just be editing I’ll have to pay for. But who knows, they won’t be due until after the last novel, but I will release them weekly, so they will need to be all done.

- 6.1 - I also want to update my four standalone novels. I updated the interiors last year, changed them to a 6x9 format, and will have the covers re-done for them.

- 6.2 - Then re-release under my imprint in September, December by the latest. They are still available at Amazon in paperback, but, with the new format in 6x9, and with recent changes in CreateSpace, it means the prices can be lowered, so ...

- 6.3 - I also have to re-evaluate my pricing strategy.

That means all but three of my books will be moved to my own imprint by the end of the year. The last three can stay under Amazon’s imprint until I remove them or update them. Dream It, Write It, Publish It has a deadline for updating of 2020. Which means in 2019, I will need to massively update it for a mid-year re-release, hopefully.

And that's it, that is my writing plan for 2018.

What do you guys have planned for the year?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Hollywood is imploding and nothing will stop it!

What the hell has been happening while I’ve been away?

The #metoo campaign has ripped to shreds everything Hollywood was. Is that a good thing? Not completely, I don’t think. 

When the whole Harvey Weinstein thing came out I got the really bad feeling that Hollywood was about to implode, and it’s moving at a fast pace. More and more women come out with stories; more and more men are losing their jobs. Not just in Hollywood, but it’s happening here in Aus as well.

What I find really sad about this shit, is that men are losing jobs and careers without hard evidence. They are being fired on hearsay, and as Judge Judy would say, that doesn’t hold up in a court of law.

We all know in a court of law there needs to be evidence beyond reasonable doubt. So far, there isn’t any. It’s all been hearsay. Just because women make a claim, does not make it true. And sadly, as we say here in Aus, it’s been a stacks on, which means everyone’s stacking on the movement just for the sake of it.

I generally don’t support causes, and I generally don’t believe what anyone says unless there’s hard proof, someone is arrested and charged, but so far, most haven’t been. So why are there not more arrests? Why are there not more charges?

I’m with those who think outside the box. I don’t fall at the feet of women or men just because they say something happened. I stand back, examine everything I’ve heard, read or seen, and then ask questions. Many times questions no one else seems to asks.

Like, why did she not say/do something? Why did she not go to the police?

There are many psychologists, I’m sure, being asked onto TV shows to talk about why women don’t do those things, and nine times out of ten, it’s because of fear of losing the job, or being kicked out, embarrassed, etc.

Quite frankly, no job is worth your self-respect, your self-esteem, your self-worth. Even Judge Judy would tell them to go and work at a MacDonald’s for $2 an hour just to earn money. I really don’t get why fame and fortune were more important than their mental well-being.

Do women not want to stand up for themselves? Do they not want to protect themselves and keep some form of dignity? Are they really that scared of being blackballed in the industry/never getting another job that they allow these cock sucking arseholes to get away with it?

Maybe I’m from another era, although I’m only 43, turning 44 later this year. Maybe it’s because I’m from hardy German/English/Dutch stock. Maybe it’s just because of the life I’ve had the last 25 years, I’ve learned to not take shit from people. I sure as fuck wouldn’t stick around and let it happen. I wouldn’t even entertain walking through the door if a guy answered it in a robe, and if I did and he tried something, I'd rip his cock off. Jobs are not important, your health and well-being is.

So while many think the #metoo campaign is important, and to a degree it is, I have a bad feeling it will not only turn people, men and women, against women, especially these actress, but will actually backfire in the long run. In the last month or so with awards shows, you’ve had them all wearing black, and all sniping at the men in the industry while handing out the awards. Bitch, you do that to me you’re getting my fist in your face.

Quite frankly, how fucking dare they make snide remarks like petty little bitches? Grow the fuck up and be mature adults about it.

And where were all of you and your fucking hashtag four years ago when Dylan Farrow accused her father Woody Allen? Where was your fucking hashtag two years ago when over forty women came out and claimed Bill Cosby had raped them? Where was your fucking hashtag in 2016/17 when Kesha took her producer and Sony music to court and she lost because the bastard judge said nothing had happened and Sony music told her to suck it up and get on with working with him? Where the fuck was your fucking hashtags and black dresses and campaigns then? Huh?

On SNL, they made snide remarks about how it took a week long campaign of shame to get Mark Wahlberg to give the extra money he got for the movie with Michelle Williams and Christopher Plumber to the campaign.

Bitch, the fact that you thought it was all right to shame him for having better negotiating skills than Michelle ‘piss weak’ Williams in the first place was disgusting and does not endear me to you.

No man should be shamed into something for the sake of women getting what they want. And vice versa.

How many books need to be written by successful businesswomen telling other women how to stand up for themselves so they can get the raise, the bonus and the corner office? How many more women are going to blame men for not getting ahead? How many more women are going to blame the imaginary glass ceiling for them not getting anywhere? There is no glass ceiling. The only person holding you back is YOU.

And there is plenty of proof that the glass ceiling does not exist because too many women start, run, own successful businesses. They are owners, CEOs, directors, and they didn’t let any man stop them. And if you need more proof that there is no glass ceiling, I have one word for you.


Hollywood is imploding, and in a couple of years at award shows, they’ll be looking around going, where are all the men?

Exactly where you put them, bitches. In the trash.

I actually feel sorry for the men losing their jobs on allegations alone, especially if the claims are not true. I know what it’s like to have lies spread about me, and it’s not fun. So I really hope there is hard evidence around somewhere, otherwise lawsuits will run rife and I for one will not be surprised.

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